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Our Process

KT Tamm Inc Design Studio provides more than just beautiful aesthetic and a refined creative eye, it provides an organized, programmatic approach at every stage. You will see clearly what happens when, and why, as we collaborate with you and the entire project team to bring your vision to life.

Our team is skilled not only in interior design and interior architectural detailing, we've also managed hundreds of complex design projects for all types of clients.

KT Tamm Inc
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The Details



We believe that early collaboration with the project team, (i.e., Architect, Contractor, and Client) is crucial to the success of all projects. Once contracts are approved, we begin the collaboration process to discuss our client’s business needs, lifestyle, aesthetic values, and budget. We determine what types of spaces and functions are needed, and begin to form a functional layout. As needed, we inventory existing items that clients would like incorporated into their project such as furniture, art, or technology.

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Once the scope of the project has been defined, we compile sketches, concept imagery, and proposed materials, furniture and art that fit the collective vision. Preliminary floor plans and elevations begin to develop and are reviewed jointly in team meetings. Interior and exterior architectural elements are discussed and detailed in computerized drawings. Finishes and millwork are selected and designed and coordinated along with plumbing fixtures, lighting, furniture and window treatments, as an example of just some components. Once approved by the client, we progress to formal documentation of the elevation selections made.

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Final architectural plans are created in collaboration with all required consultants (ie. Mechanical and Structural Engineers) when needed, which will be used by the client’s builder for bidding and construction, are prepared. Then we begin our meticulous process of detailing the finalized design. Detailed schedules are created listing specifics of finish materials (such as flooring, tiles, counter-tops), and lighting, to name a few. This phase ensures that there are no questions as to the design intent and assists the contractor/builder in developing the construction budget, and ensures all the various consultants are coordinated.

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Once construction begins, meetings at the job site with the client and builder are important to ensure that work is progressing on schedule, and as designed. We observe the progress of construction to keep you informed and to provide any clarifications to them team, that may arise.


Procurement has already been initiated through earlier furniture planning meetings and documentation as well as colorization through fabric selections. Once the client has approved products, detailed proposals for all items are submitted for payment. Our staff then begins to order all selections and track those orders. Once received into a receiving warehouse, the staff coordinates storage, delivery, and installation. Our goal is to manage a stress-free move-in: “Everything in its place” as planned!

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KT Tamm and her team listened to what we wanted, and figured out what we liked together as a couple when we couldn’t do it on our own. That helped us create a space that reflects our personalities. I credit them for saving my sanity! My husband’s convinced she saved our marriage!

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